Japanese Matcha, green tea powder

Japanese Matcha, green tea powder

Japanese Matcha green tea powder



is a Japanese tea that was created to be as unique, refined, and important as its journey from harvest to preparation. In fact, its history has remained intact in fragrance and flavor for hundreds of years, the result of tradition and the care of farmers.

Matcha the Japanese green tea powderHow matcha green tea is grown in Japan

Grown exclusively in Japan, and not worldwide as is the case with other types of tea, maccha is harvested in the spring. A few weeks earlier, growers covered it and kept it in the shade to reduce the amount of light and increase its chlorophyll content. By the end of this process, the so-called kabuse method, the tea will have acquired its splendid green color, fragrance and indescribable flavor. Thanks to the shading process also, it will have kept all its organoleptic properties intact.
At this point only the best leaves are selected and harvested, by hand, then dried and finely ground, not mechanically, but in stone mills using traditional methods.

Matcha for the tea ceremony

This fine powder, celebrated in Japan for hundreds of years during the tea ceremony, will eventually be stirred with a bamboo whisk (chasen), and prepared not by infusion, but by suspension.
In fact, the powder in water mixed in this way creates a beautiful froth on the surface, and this allows you to taste not only the water, but the entire ground tea leaf.

The health benefits of matcha

But let us come to the benefits brought by this tea to our health: it is now known that green tea is rich in vitamin C, minerals and nutrients; they have digestive, depurative and antioxidant properties. Matcha in particular, thanks to L-theanine, an amino acid it contains, gives calm, energy, concentration and facilitates good mood.
A true elixir of well-being, Matcha tea is detoxifying, draining, aids digestion, but above all it is good, delicate,and therefore suitable for endless uses in the kitchen.

Matcha tea in confectionery

Maccha is the ingredient that has inspired recipes from the world’s best fusion chefs.
You can enjoy it in smoothies, in milkshakes, in ice creams, in smoothies and matcha lattes, in pancakes, in cream puffs, in a simple plumcake or in the more sophisticated recipes of Japanese pastry, or in the Green tea tiramisu and if you haven’t happened to taste Matcha-flavored cappuccino yet, try it!
It is a healthy alternative, and is rich and palatable even without the addition of sugar.

How to prepare it

to have your tea all you need is a cup of boiling water and a teaspoon of Matcha powder.

Matcha cappuccino

Whip the hot milk (preferably whole milk) just enough, pour it over the tea previously prepared with two tablespoons of hot water and 1 teaspoon of Maccha tea powder mixed with a kitchen whisk.
Alternatively, also with soy milk.

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