Kushiage mania!

Kushiage mania!

One of the food fads in Japan is kushiage, or food served on bamboo skewers (


easy to consume, without getting greasy fingers as can be the case with

finger food

, and much more convenient and hygienic.
On skewers of

different shapes

which give the foods served an aesthetic touch that the Japanese never give up, a wide variety of foods are served, raw, fried or roasted, and even sushi.
There are restaurants that specialize in kushikatsu, breaded and fried foods skewered on skewers. Originating in Osaka in 1929 in blue-collar restaurants, they have become very popular in Japan and have also taken on different versions in Tokyo and Nagoya.
Some restaurants have also gained considerable fame for the goodness and beauty of their compositions.
Dipped in flour, egg and


, the special Japanese breadcrumbs, are fried and served hot skewers with small portions of one or two bites of




, meat


, mushrooms


, slices of

lotus roots

, onion, quail eggs, meatballs, and an endless variety of other foods, to be dipped into small bowls with

tonkatsu sauce

, used for fried pork cutlets, or other types of sauces prepared by the caterer.
Kushikatsu restaurant
In Nagoya, for example, a special sauce with miso is used. There is, of course, an absolute ban on double dipping the same skewer after biting it.
Some restaurants have a stove in the center of the table with boiling oil and breaded skewers that diners provide to fry on their own, as in a fondue bourguignone.
A decisive role is played by the


which in addition to having to be aesthetically attractive, preferably apparently hand-carved and possibly from the knot side of the bamboo, and of various shapes, to match in the way aesthetically
Best with different foods.
We do not doubt that we will soon see the kushiage craze run rampant here as well, and not only in Japanese restaurants.

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