Poke Mania

Poke Mania

Hawaiian Poké Bowl: straight from Hawaii a wave of freshness!

It comes from Hawaii and triumphs with its colors and flavors on our tables: poke is the most beloved dish of summer, but not only.

Poke – the exact pronunciation is“poh-kay” –  is a very old dish, and it originated in 400 A.D. in Hawaii, where fishermen used to eat it as a quick meal by preparing it from the scraps of their catch: the literal translation, in fact, is “cut into cubes”

In fact, the earliest poke consisted mainly of raw fish and limu kohu seaweed (a variety typical of the Hawaiian islands).

Even in the case of poke,  the many admixtures that characterize Asian cuisine have over the centuries enriched the original recipe with a wide variety of ingredients:  first and foremost the
, which today is the key ingredient in poke, but also
soy sauce
e sesame seeds.

Hawaii, before it was annexed by the United States of America, was a landfall for many peoples, including the Japanese: chirashi or don buri is the Japanese variant of the modern poke.

Today, thanks to the endless combinations and combinations of ingredients that can be experimented with in its preparation, poke is an ever-evolving dish.
In the past decade, poke, after landing in America, has established itself in Europe as the epitome of fusion cuisine: its mix of colors, flavors and aromas from different culinary traditions make poke  the quintessential international dish.

Poke is beautiful and good for you

Tasty, fresh and colorful, the Hawaiian poke and more is conquering the palate of Italians: now a staple of our lunch and brunch breaks, it has been one of the most popular take-away foods during the pandemic.

The success is due not only to the fashion that has spread among the young people who flock to the many pokeries in our cities, but also to the wholesomeness that characterizes poke.
The poke is served in its inseparable bowl – essential for its preparation and consumption-in which the different ingredients are compounded, making it a balanced dish with a low calorie intake but a high satiety and digestibility index,  Also very suitable in the diet of athletes.

The basic poke is a unique and complete dish , consisting of three elements

  • Carbohydrates (rice, cereals or legumes)
  • Protein (fish or chicken)
  • Vegetables (vegetable, fruit or seaweed)

Omega 3, found in fish, is good for the heart, seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals activate the metabolism,  rice, due to its very high digestibility, regulates the intestines.

Freshness and colors make Poké definitely  the dish of the warm season

Among the most chosen ingredients, in addition to the rice base
, black
, the
– raw or cooked-these are certainly the most popular ones.
But poke bowls are also increasingly welcoming
cooked, marinated or in tempura, and, in the meat version, teriyaki chicken.
Prominent are tropical fruits such as
, mango and pineapple, dried fruits such as almonds and pistachios, but also Asian ingredients such as
and ginger.
There is no shortage of poke bowls in vegan or vegetarian versions, where you can’t miss white and red cabbage, carrots and, why not,
, edamame and the very tasty
crispy onion
Complementing this varied and very fresh dish, perfect for summer, is a wide selection of
, such as the soy sauce teriyaki, the spicy mayonnaise and  the very original poke sauce.
Preparing a poke at home is really quick and easy. It is essential to use a bowl, a bowl large enough to hold all the ingredients, which should be of the highest quality.

Follow the recipe we offer and start making your poke right away!

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