Code of Ethics

Ethical principles General and standards of behavior.

Nipponia makes concrete efforts to value the principles contained in the Code of Ethics, taking responsibility both internally and externally in strengthening trust, cohesion and corporate spirit. In the detail the company assures and guarantees:

nipponia codice etico


In carrying out professional activities as all employees of the company are required to abide by the Code of Ethics and applicable regulations.

Value of human resources

Employees represent a fundamental part of the company and an essential factor for the success and achievement of the set goals. For these reasons, Nipponia ensures the protection and enhancement of its human resources by actively contributing to the development of its employees' skills and abilities through training and updating activities.

Physical and moral integrity

Of its collaborators, through the protection and enhancement of the person who can contribute to the development of specific skills and abilities, granting fair treatment based on meritocracy and competence in respect of health on the workplace and current regulations in the health and accident prevention fields.

Quality of services and products

Nipponia directs its business towards the satisfaction and protection of its customers, whose requests perform an important function aimed at improving the quality of the products and services provided.

Environmental protection

The environment represents a primary asset that the company protects and preserves by implementing production policies and methods that are able to reconcile economic initiatives and environmental needs.

Supplier Relations

In dealings with its suppliers and in relations for the supply of goods and/or services, employees are required to:

Observe internal procedures for selecting and managing relationships with suppliers
Observe the terms and conditions of the contract
Observe the provisions stipulated in current regulations
Maintain a fair and open dialogue with suppliers in line with business customs

Customer Relations

Nipponia guarantees constant sensitivity and concrete commitment aimed at safeguarding and improving the quality of customer relations. The relationship will be based on fairness, transparency, efficiency and courtesy, and therefore the company's employees will be obliged to:

Observe internal procedures for customer relationship management
Provide accurate and comprehensive information about the services provided by the company so that the client can make informed decisions
Ensure strict confidentiality and comply with privacy regulations in managing the customer relationship