Sriracha Flying Goose The world's most famous hot sauce

Sriracha Flying Goose The world’s most famous hot sauce

Now that Americans are going crazy for hot sauces and supermarkets are competing to display the most, and spiciest, because they are the best-selling, you can find the
Sriracha sauce take away
even at McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Pizza Hut.
But it’s the American version, produced there, very garlicky, is only a pale reminder of the real Sriracha sauce, that hot sauce that conquered the world for achieving that precarious balance between strong spiciness and harmonious flavor, with that touch of sweetness that makes up for the initial hit and makes it long pleasant on your palate. An all-Eastern harmony. And in fact Sriracha originated precisely in eastern Thailand.
The Sriracha Flying Goose rangeFlying Goose, Sriracha. The most prestigious brand of sauce that bears its name comes from the Thai city of Sri Racha itself, and it is still produced here today. Every time you have gone to an Oriental restaurant you have tasted, knowingly or not, a Sriracha sauce, on the egg roll, on steamed dumplings, or added in the wok, or in the little bottle on the table.
It is also widely used in Japanese restaurants, for spicy tuna, for example, or in uramaki sushi rolls of various kinds.

Uramaki with Sriracha sauce
But now everything changes, the world’s best Sriracha sauce has arrived in Italy as well, that sauce for which I have personally seen in New York, as in Reykjavik, in Paris as in Zagreb, young boys queuing up at the store and coming out excited to have bought it. Indeed, it often happens that it is not so easy to find, since in the wake of the success of the California one, the Sriracha Flying Goose has had a crazy increase in demand. Also because its use has crossed the boundaries of oriental food and is used today on burgers, in sandwiches, on omelets, on fries, in soups, or as a dip for veggies or fried foods, on practically everything, as can be seen on the Facebook profile “Sriracha – Flying Goose brand“.
Also recently imported in retail packaging, the
classic Sriracha
and the
Sriracha Mayo
in 200ml dispensers have become accessible to all, and in versions
take-away sachets
Sriracha in dispenser 200ml
Flying Goose has several versions of Sriracha. If the flagship remains the

Classic Red

with 61% red chili, the
Sriracha Mayo,
the eggless vegan spicy mayo, in my opinion the best in fusion sushi.
These sauces are capable of creating a complexity of impressive taste sensations, and are not limited to the mundane “spicy plus garlic” flavor.
Sriracha Mayo

Then Flying Goose /Exotic food also produces many other outstanding sauces such as the one
, Garlic, sweet-spicy chicken, peanut Satai, the
Oyster sauce
, which allow anyone to successfully try their hand at the most daring Thai, Viet or Chinese cuisine preparations.
Finally, if you love finger foods and dim sum the
sweet and sour sauce
or Sweet Chili sauce, which adds spicy to sweet and sour, are among the highest quality sauces sold in the West. It is no coincidence that they are distributed in Europe by the two leading distributors of oriental products and, now, also by Italy’s Nipponia.

Flying Goose Sriracha in take-away sachets

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