Zero in calories, 10 in taste: shirataki the diet linguine

Zero in calories, 10 in taste: shirataki the diet linguine

If dieting is not for you, enjoy your hard wheat linguine possibly bronze-drawn from Gragnano or handmade Japanese udon and ramen.
But, if, after so much binge eating, you are feeling a bit overweight and know that, sooner or later, you will have to lose a few pounds and go on a strict diet, know that a revolution in your diet is looming that will make it less obnoxious.
Pasta galore! Ok paste of


, made with the Yam, the Amorphophall

Shirataki the zero-calorie noodles

us konjac, a species of sweet potato known in Europe as konjac, from which a chewy, white substance is made that is used to make


The Dukan diet made it famous and prescribes it as a viable dietary alternative since it has almost zero calories. But the


recommended by the famous French dietician were only the ancestors of the new shirataki. They were soaked in a liquid that in some cases also gave off an unpleasant odor and were mushy. You know, those who were on a strict diet and dreamed of juicy pasta dishes at night would spend entire mornings searching the best-stocked stores for even that mushy illusion of pasta.Today everything changes, we are at the

Shirataki 2.0

. The dream has now become a reality.
Water removed. In fact, carefully avoid soaking these shirataki in water because they become soft and spoil.
The unopened bag should be immersed in boiling water only to warm them up. Al dente texture, perfect as it is difficult to achieve by chasing the right cooking even for durum wheat pasta. Then comes the beauty of the seasoning, which for those on a diet requires the usual tricks. Tomato sauce may also not be cooked with oil but added at the end raw. We recommend, of course, extra-virgin olive oil raw, according to the allowable amount, and for those who have them at the moment, truffles sliced into slivers. Or tuna and fresh cherry tomatoes.
For those who like it spicy, a hint of


, the highly aromatic yuzu citrus chili paste, even just with cherry tomatoes, and you forget about dieting, but with a clear conscience and scale. Shirataki linguine can no longer be missed in a gourmet’s diet.
Don’t blame us if you find them too often out of stock, but we are gearing up because we want to make you happy even in the least exciting moments of a weight-loss diet that until yesterday would have saddened you.
Then, the recipe for maintaining a healthy weight once you reach it, you already know: sushi…sushi!

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