Yuzu, the Japanese citrus wonder fruit

Yuzu, the Japanese citrus wonder fruit

Yuzu, what is it and how is this Japanese citrus fruit used?

Wonder Citron Yuzu, the Japanese wonder lemon! Yuzu is a citrus fruit (scientific name: Citrus junos) about the size of a tangerine. Imagine it as a kind of lemon with a slightly exotic aroma and lots of foods it can be paired with. Among the flavors that are unmistakably Japanese,


must be among the most distinctive.

Yuzu, what does it look like?

It is difficult to describe the flavors and aromas of yuzu. The words that come to mind are savory, aromatic, subtle, and delicate. Yuzu does not overpower, it integrates gently, much like the gentle sound of wind chimes dancing lazily in a summer breeze.
In Japan yuzu is everywhere. It is used fresh, dried, mixed with
, with

chili pepper

and other seasonings for almost any dish. It comes


thin to garnish dishes, used the


, the


, the


to season fish and meat. Yuzu is used to make jams, preserves,
, drinks, lemonades and even

ice cream

. The list could go on and on.

Yuzu in cosmetics

The Japanese adore the essence of this wonderful fruit so much that they even float it in their hot water tanks to take long, relaxing “yuzu-yu” baths. Rich in essential oils, yuzu extract is used by leading cosmetic manufacturers for skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

Yuzu in Japan

Yuzu trees are common in Japan, especially in southern and western temperate regions. Yuzu cultivation began in Japan in the 8th century. Each summer, tiny white flowers cover its branches, masking the sharp thorns that can make yuzu picking in late fall and winter a tiresome task.
So if you want to expand your experience of taste, smell and touch, try yuzu, you will not be disappointed!

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