Sushi sushi video recipes

Sushi sushi video recipes

On the Sushi Sushi Youtube channel you will find many recipes to learn how to cook at home using our ingredients and utensils to the fullest.
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Sushisushi Official

The channel will have several columns:
Sushi how to make it, lots of simple video recipes to learn the main skills for making sushi at home as good as the one at your trusted restaurant.
The best restaurant, our host Alessandro Napoli will go on a tour of the world of Japanese restaurants in Italy to give you a chance to choose your favorite!
Know the ingredients, popular videos in which we explain how to use ingredients, differences, characteristics, etc.

You will also be able to find video recipes on
Japanese cuisine, the best dishes in a few simple steps
Asian cuisine, recipes from Thailand, China, Indonesia, to unleash all your creativity
Fusion cuisine, when Italian cuisine blends with other cuisines, cultures and flavors, ingenious and original ideas are born that amaze and make people fall in love.

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