We have already told you about how fine Japanese whiskey is and the international recognition it has enjoyed for several years now alongside the better-known Anglo-Saxons from Scotland, Ireland, the U.S. and Canada. (JAPANESE WHISKY)

But so what are the must-have Japanese whiskies?

We show you the latest additions to our selection:

Azabu Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

Aged 12 years
Azabu Pure Malt Japanese Whisky Produced at a distillery near Mt. Yoro, in Japan’s Southern Alps region famous for the clarity and quality of its spring water. This exceptional whiskey is a “pure malt” aged for 12 years in bourbon and sherry casks.
This is a very rare whiskey, a single malt with notes of citrus and hints of spice.

AROMA: smoky, sweet, soft and fruity

GRADATION: Alcohol 43% vol.

Made in Japan

Azabu Puremalt Japanese Whisky

Aged 18 years

AROMA: malty, fragrance of bread and hay.

TASTE: soft, sweet, spices, vanilla, oak. Rich and soft shades.

FINISH: long lasting, spicy.

GRADATION: Alcohol 43% vol.

Made in Japan

Whisky Maltage Cosmo

The Mars Maltage Cosmo is a connoisseur’s whiskey; it is a blended malt resulting from the blending of local malts from the Mars Shinshu distillery and a batch of single malts of Scottish origin.

Its uniqueness lies precisely in the particular geographical area in which the distillery is located, situated at an altitude of 800 meters in the foothills of the Japanese Alps, the harsh climate and the presence of sources of very pure water filtered from the mountains ensure a very slow maturation that benefits the aromatic qualities of this whiskey.

AROMA: delicate and intense with fruity notes mingling with fresh, floral scents.

TASTE: Reminiscent of honey and caramel flavors that anticipate a smoky finish.

GRADATION: Alcohol 43 %vol.

Made in Japan

Wakatsuru Saburomaru Junenmyo Rouge japanese whiskey

The Saburomaru distillery was built in 1952 on the premises of Wakatsuru Shuzo, established in 1862.
It produces Japanese sake in winter and distills whiskey in summer. For this reason, annual production is limited to about 25 barrels; but he has produced our original whiskey using heavily peated malt that has a long tradition.

“There is a village called Junenmyo near the Saburomaru distillery. In the past, the village had a large rapeseed field and people made lamp oil. We named this blended whiskey ‘Junenmyo’ in honor of this story, hoping it will always warm your heart like a gentle lamp light.”

AROMA: slight hints of peat on the nose

TASTE: Smoky and rich.

GRADATION: Alcohol 46% vol.

Made in Japan

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