Black Tiger shrimp for tempura: how to cook them and the characteristics

Black Tiger shrimp for tempura: how to cook them and the characteristics

Best shrimp for frying

Who hasn’t dreamed of eating a fried squid and shrimp without having to peel each shrimp with the precision of a surgeon?
Black Tiger Nobashi Ebi are farmed shrimp, used in Japanese cuisine for tempura, but they are also ideal for classic Italian-style frying. Black Tiger shrimp cook well at high temperatures, even when shucked, because the meat is able to remain firm without losing fragrance.

Black Tiger Nobashi Ebi: the characteristics

Black Tiger shrimp represent the main farmed product in the seas of Asia. These shrimp are called Black Tiger because the dark streaks on the shell resemble the color of a tiger’s coat. Black Tiger Nobashi Ebi have a milder flavor and the meat is softer than other shrimp species. Its white flesh should turn orange-when cooked shelled-and red when cooked inside the shell.

The quality of Black Tiger shrimp
Improper storage temperatures,refreezing or prolonged frozen storage can ruin the crustaceans, which become dry and fibrous. Quality, on the other hand, is ensured by immediately blast chilling the freshly caught shrimp to seal in the organoleptic properties. I
Black Tiger Nipponia shrimps
are the best shrimp on the market for controlled quality and freshness. The latter are always thoroughly analyzed and subjected to very strict health controls, starting from the import stage. With Black Tiger Nipponia shrimp, you can be sure of cooking a quality food product-as well as an eco-sustainable one (the shrimp are farmed and not trawled).

How to prepare shrimp for tempura

Shrimp naturally have a curved shape that looks like a C. For tempura, however, the crustaceans are stretched with a special technique to improve their aesthetics. This is a very long and laborious work. Before dipping the Nobashi Ebi into the tempura batter, they should also be shelled and left with just the tail. Black Tiger Nipponia shrimp save a lot of time in the kitchen because they are already laid out, shucked and tailed, so they are ready to be cooked.

How to Cook Black Tiger Nobashi Ebi
In addition to tempura, another ideal preparation of Nobashi Ebi is katsu breadcrumbs: the shrimp are pureed in egg and then in panko-the typical Japanese breadcrumbs. Shrimp for tempura are also increasingly being used in Italy to add flavor to the classic fried fish mixture.

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Fritto Imperiale
Black Tiger shrimp can also be a delicious appetizer in classic shrimp cocktails or tasty when grilled. Shrimp for tempura are very versatile in cooking; they can be steamed or added to soups, stews, and fish entrees.

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