Binchotan slow-burning vegetable charcoal

Binchotan slow-burning vegetable charcoal

Binchotan, even coal can be valuable

I remember in a sushi bar in Tokyo a sequence of Nigiri sushi with lightly grilled tuna and squid toppings, passed before my eyes, for a few moments, over a small white stove in a plaster-like material (I was later explained that it was called hibachi) that did not emit smoke. I still remember the contrast between the thin surface layer of the tuna slice, warm, with a slight ashy flavor.
The flavor and aroma of grilled, with the fresh soft fragrance of raw fish meat. I asked the sushi chef what kind of charcoal could give that fabulous grilled flavor, and I knew the


, the slow-burning Japanese vegetable charcoal, which can be made of various fine woods, but the most common is precisely bamboo.

We go in search of the finest steak, the best chianina or even wagyu, often spending a fortune to give ourselves and our friends a gastronomic experience that we hope will remain unforgettable.
But then, we put in our


the charcoal we buy at the supermarket in 3 or 5 kg bags, filled with powder from who knows what wood compressed into tablets.
It might be time to put the oxen before the cart and reverse the order of choice. Charcoal, it is not only a source of heat. Its combustion contributes greatly to the smoke, flavor and texture of meats and vegetables in cooking foods.
Therefore, if you cannot personally select the wood, if you do not have the time to burn it for hours until you get embers that can cook without burning your prized steak, it is better to select a
quality coal
Bamboo charcoal is a charcoal that is brought to combustion at very high temperatures and is usually used to purify water and the environment due to its micro porosity, which can capture chemical and toxic substances as well as unpleasant odors.

Hibachi, the fossil rock stove

Hibachi means fire bowl, a stove made of diatomite, a unique and rare material, a sedimentary siliceous rock of organic origin, a fossilized remnant of microscopic algae of the diatom family.
Made to burn in the traditional Hibachi stove, it reaches temperatures close to 1000°C without emitting smoke or ash, making it suitable for indoor use. You can fire up your barbecue even on those cold winter evenings when a steak and a glass of red wine will warm your heart. A kind of fondue bourguignonne that is much healthier and more digestible.

Where binchotan is used

It is found, for its beneficial properties, in cosmetic products and in countless household items, such as in pillows, and building materials. Bamboo charcoal in various forms is a very present element in Feng Shui homes.
It is also used in powder form for food purposes, such as to make black bread or black honey.
But what is of most interest here is the fact that, used in barbeque, it produces a strong heat of up to 1,000°C, which ensures that food is cooked evenly, without burning it, and without imparting unpleasant odors and flavors. It also does not produce smoke and has a high heat intensity but slow burning that lasts a long time. Ideal for use in professional kitchens. It wears out very slowly and once used can be washed, air dried and reused again.
Cooked with bamboo charcoal any food has a special flavor and you can taste the difference.
It is an added value to barbecues of any kind that, whoever tries it, cannot give up.
Nipponia proposes a binchotan in whole pieces

The Bbq inside the house without smoke

Barbecuing inside the home is therefore possible, only by using slow-burning binchotan charcoal, the only smokeless charcoal.
Take care, however, that no fatty foods end up on the grill, otherwise smoke will be inevitable.

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